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Dock to Dish

Dock to Dish is a groundbreaking fishery model which connects small-scale fisheries to local restaurants & consumers. Dock to Dish has been recognised by The United Nations Foundation as one of the top breakthrough innovations that can scale to solve the ocean’s most pressing challenges. Dock to Dish allows JF Restaurants to source local, traceable and low-impact wild seafood while supporting local fisheries.


Natoora sources seasonal produce directly from small-scale growers who prioritize biodiversity, heritage & flavor over yield. Natoora creates a sustainable and transparent supply chain and actively seeks heritage varities, traditional growing methods and unique seeds chosen for their revolutionary flavor.

Girl & Dug Farm

Girl & Dug farm is a 60-acre hydroponic, greenhouse-based farm that specializes in growing unique, specialty produce such as kindergreens, oca and sweet jade tomatoes.

Pat La Frieda

Pat La Frieda is one of New York City's best known beef purveyors, and has been serving the city for nearly a century. Pat La Frieda works directly with small farmers and specializes is custom cuts and portioning.